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Our farmers are lovely people, but they are incredibly busy. PLEASE direct any questions you have about travel, your meal, or any other aspect of the Plate & Pitchfork experience to us. Call 503.477.7565 or email dine@plateandpitchfork.com. Thank you!

Carman Ranch

Cory Carman and David Flynn are bringing up the fifth generation of ranchers on Carman Ranch, where they have raised registered Angus and Hereford since 1913. The 100% grassfed herd spends its entire life grazing on a diet of grasses, legumes and range forage unique to the soils and climate of the glacier valley surrounded by Northeastern Oregon's Wallowa Mountains. The first grassfed beef in Oregon to be certified by Food Alliance, Carman Ranch beef is exceptionally tender and flavorful, delicious and healthy. It is free of hormones and antibiotics, and the cattle are never fed grain or grain by-products.

Because the vigor of the land is as important to Carman and Flynn as the well-being of their animals, they manage both with respect and care. The pasture-based production system used at Carman Ranch promotes preservation of the natural environment and native species, ensuring a beautiful and vibrant landscape for decades to come. These and other sustainable farming practices like pasture rotation create low-stress, humane conditions for growing cattle while protecting delicate rangeland ecosystems. Carman Ranch beef guarantees an unparalleled and traceable story of authenticity and the distinctive combination of attributes we've come to demand from our food and those who grow it: local, sustainable, healthy and absolutely delicious.


Diggin' Roots

Conner Voss and Sarah Brown are first generation farmers dedicated to organic food, healthy soil, and cultivating vibrant diversity on the land. The seed that grew into Diggin’ Roots was planted in 2001, when Conner and Sarah first met at UC Davis and forged a lasting friendship over many good meals, too many bad movies, dubious roadtrips, and while backpacking amongst the glacier lakes and sheer granite of the Sierras.

Now at home on 50 acres in the Willamette Valley, Diggin’ Roots Farm is a direct-market vegetable and grass-fed meat operation. Produce is sold through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, with pick-up on farm as well as in two SE Portland locations. On Saturdays, the family descends upon the Silverton Farmer’s Market, plying recipes, and playfully harassing customers, tables carefully heaped with the season's bounty, their son Wendell running amok in the park.

Diggin’ Roots is heartened by evidence that diversified, ecologically minded, organically guided agriculture is a sustainable model for the community, for the planet, and for the farmer. Conner and a Sarah believe that the qualities of healthy, beautiful, vibrant food, are qualities best afforded to the earth first, and that with good stewardship, we may all find a way to eat well.


Domaine Drouhin Oregon

Domaine Drouhin Oregon was established in 1987 by the Drouhin Family of Burgundy (Maison Joseph Drouhin). Our distinctive Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays are handcrafted by fourth-generation winemaker Véronique Drouhin-Boss. They are elegant, balanced wines with a clear sense of place. Véronique's extraordinary palate guides every decision, from picking and fermentation, to final blending and bottling. Philippe Drouhin, Véronique's brother, is in charge of DDO's viticulture and is highly regarded for his work in both Burgundy and Oregon. 123 of the estate's 225 acres are now planted and certified by LIVE; at 3,100 vines per acre, the Drouhin Family Estate is one of the most densely planted vineyards in the New World. The four-level gravity-flow winery was built in 1989 and is considered a Dundee Hills landmark.


Smith Berry Barn

What first began in 1978 as a u-pick raspberry farm, is now a 30-acre family farm which produces ten varieties of cane berries, a 5-acre apple orchard, featuring over 20 varieties of antique and modern apples, and a variety of specialty produce including gourmet greens, fresh herbs, gourmet squash & pumpkins and heirloom tomatoes & peppers. Rich and Joelle Hinder work round the clock feeding chickens, pruning the orchard, running the farm store and chasing after their two children.

Their love of gardening (and previous experience in nurseries) has brought a new dimension to the farm in the form of potted herbs, perennials, roses, fruits and vegetables. The farm store also offers seeds, garden tools ,organic garden care products gift items, and gourmet products. And while you're there you can also enjoy Joelle's homemade baked goods, a fresh milkshake, or your morning latte. The farm also offers seasonal u-pick for a variety of crops, especially berries.

The farm store's spring hours are Tuesday - Friday 10 am - 6 pm, Saturday & Sunday 10 am - 5 pm


Sun Gold

Sun Gold Farm is a small, sustainable family farm located in the beautiful, fertile Tualatin Valley in the small Dutch community of Verboort, where four generations have farmed and cared for the land. The farm lies along West Dairy Creek, probably named because of the many dairies that used to be in the county. There are two natural wetlands on the farm, and plenty of wildlife. But mostly, Sun Gold has vegetables, fruits and plants. Sun Gold Farm is owned and operated by Charlie, Vicki and Chris Hertel, as well as the new addition of Greg, Stephanie and little Joey Lyn Ainsworth and Rachel Ainsworth. The farm’s primary source of income is through the production of fresh market crops that they sell directly to the consumer at various farmers markets and through their "Harvest Box" program, also known as a CSA. The family is careful to grow their produce without pesticides. Crops are rotated for soil health and since the farm was historically a dairy, there is plenty of organic matter in the soil. Weeds are controlled by mulching, rototilling, hoeing, and getting down on their knees and pulling!