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2016 Beneficiaries

We have a long-standing tradition of supporting non-profit organizations in our community that work to preserve our environment, build our food systems and educate our next generation of farmers & eaters. In 2016 we're putting all our might behind two organizations: Farmers Ending Hunger and Oregon Tilth. Read more about these hard-working groups and please join us in supporting them.

Oregon Tilth

Oregon Tilth is a nonprofit organization dedicated to biologically sound and socially equitable agriculture. They provide organic certification services for producers, processors, and handlers and conduct education, advocacy, and research to support and promote organic farmers. Funds from Plate & Pitchfork will support the Transitioning Farmer Network a program designed to help farmers assess transition readiness and risk and take advantage of tools for transition, including Federal conservation assistance. The program also works with food processors, wholesalers, and retailers to develop market strategies that support transition and help more farmers access Oregon’s flourishing organic market. Learn more by visiting tilth.org

Farmers Ending Hunger

Since 2004 Farmers Ending Hunger has been gathering Oregon’s agricultural resources to help feed the hungry. Local family farmers and ranchers donate a portion of the food they raise, and Adopt-an-Acre, a supplementary program seeks the operating funds from the public necessary to harvest and process those same crops into frozen and canned food products that are easily stored and utilize. These products are then distributed to the hungry through Oregon Food Bank’s regional network. To learn more, please visit farmersendinghunger.com