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2017 Beneficiaries

We have a long-standing tradition of supporting non-profit organizations in our community that work to preserve our environment, build our food systems. But we've always felt like there should be a way to both streamline and amplify our efforts. And at last we've found it!

Meet FEED, a fund dedicated to cultivating food enterprises and economic development. This philanthropic arm of Plate & Pitchfork is dedicated to supporting organizations that are working to:
  • Utilize innovative ideas to eradicate hunger and malnutrition
  • Cultivate food systems that are healthy, sustainable and just
You'll have an opportunity to learn more about FEED at the dinners, or you can contribute online today

We've been supportive Farmers Ending Hunger for many years and FEED will continue to support them, read a bit about their work here...

Farmers Ending Hunger

Since 2004 Farmers Ending Hunger has been gathering Oregon’s agricultural resources to help feed the hungry. Local family farmers and ranchers donate a portion of the food they raise, and Adopt-an-Acre, a supplementary program seeks the operating funds from the public necessary to harvest and process those same crops into frozen and canned food products that are easily stored and utilize. These products are then distributed to the hungry through Oregon Food Bank’s regional network. To learn more, please visit

Join us in our efforts to eradicate hunger in Oregon

Make a tax-deductible donation to FEED today